Tuesday, July 04, 2006

5 days and counting!

(I made this table runner from scraps in my fabric basket)
Here´s an update of my "101 things in 1001 days" list
1. Give away 50 things: I´m up to 6.
17. Rid the driveway of firewood and building materials: DONE!
33. Write a short story: DONE!
50. Grow my own potato crop: PLANTED!
51. Clean out the freezer: DONE!
56. Finish knitting jumper: DONE!
78. Check passports and organise visas: DONE!
79. Buy a pair of good quality shoes: DONE!
81. Find jeans that fit and are comfortable: DONE!
91. Clear the guest room of clutter: DONE!
94. Spruce up the boy´s bikes and sell them: DONE!
95. Throw out all toys lying around in the garden: DONE!
101. Sort out scrapbooking supplies and store in bedroom cupboard: DONE!
Some of my goals are up and running and I have completed quite a few - 19 down, 82 to go!
On Saturday we leave for our holiday to Australia, I am getting more and more excited as the departure date comes closer. I´ll tell you all about our plans tomorrow!


shellyC said...

Oh My what an amazing accomplishment already!!!! I should do a list too...but I think I would feel better if I write the list after I have done the things. Though I am in the "clearing out" mode at the moment. A holiday does that to you, when you realsie you can do without so many things while away and still actually "survive".

Looking forward to reading about your holiday!!

Alexandra G said...

WOW! You've been busy and its even MORE of a huge accomplishment because you did it all on top of caring for three children! I stand in massive awe!

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Wow, congratulations on all that you have done. That is an amazing list of things achieved!!! And what better place to go for a holiday - Australia! Have a wonderful time!
(from... Australia!)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on getting so much done! You're on the move!

liz elayne said...

19 down - wow!!! this is so inspiring...
and i love the table runner you made. this inspires me as well. better start sewing so i can have a basket of scraps to make amazing things with too. (hee, hee) wish you were closer so i could learn from you!!

African Kelli said...

AY! You have so inspired me. Love it!

Ally Bean said...

You are a whirlwind of activity. Good for you. Do you hire out?!!

Mirre said...

Wow, you're on a roll!!

I hope you're going to have a wonderful holiday... have a safe journey!!

iHanna said...

Beautiful table top, and what a great goal to give away stuff! You have my adress... ;-)

Thanks for the stuff, I love all of it!

Frankie said...

WOW!!! You go girl. I'm so very impressed by all of this and by you! Way to take your life and the world by storm. Hurrah!

Shannon said...

Holy Moly that is sooo impressive!! Woohoo! Go you :)

kelly rae said...

that runner is really fabulous. i love how you used scraps. gorgous. and i love the give away 50 things idea.

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