Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On Our Plates

Today´s lunch...
Mashed potatoes with green beans. Peel potatotoes, cut into large chunks(leave whole if the potatoes are small) and boil in a little water until soft and falling apart. Meanwhile, boil or steam green beans. Add enough milk to cover the potatoes aswell as a little butter and salt. Mash the potatoes, fold in the green beans and serve.
Carrots in spiced butter. Steam carrots and place in a serving dish. Melt butter in a small pan and add a little curry powder, koriander and a spoon full of crunchy peanut butter. Pour this over the hot carrots and serve. (This is a meal in itself with some basmati or jasmin rice).
Grilled zuchini. Heat up your outside griller. Put some olive oil in a small jug or jar and add fresh herbs( rosmary, thyme, oregano, garlic, basil, chives, whatever you like). Cut zuchini into thick slices and when the griller is hot, roast on each side for about 8 minutes. Put the zuchini in a serving dish and pour the herb oil on top. Let this sit for about 30 minutes before serving.
Dessert: semolina pudding (I use a vanilla pudding mix for this one) . Heat up milk according to the pudding instructions and add an extra cup of milk. When hot, add 3 tablespoons of semolina and simmer on low for 5 minutes. Then add sugar and pudding mix according to the instructions. Pour into a mould and leave until cold. Turn onto a serving plate and pour rasberry sauce over the top before eating.
If you want to serve this all together then make the pudding a few hours before, the zuchini about an hour before and then the potatoes and the carrots. MAHLZEIT!


African Kelli said...

I am loving all the summery food on blogs right now. What a feast you are having!

mormar said...

yummmm...I am going to go straight to my garden tonight and get some herbs and make the zuchinni and the carrots.
Thanks. I love these posts.

Berber said...

Yummmmm, I'm hungry!

Michelle said...

What FABULOUS food ideas. I am really going to try carrots that way - what a fabulous idea!!