Friday, December 30, 2005

getting organised

Time to say goodbye to another year - seeya 2005!!!
Have I really accomplished all that I wanted in the past year? NO WAY!!!
I usually spend more time procrastinating than doing and when I finally have the motivation to get started on something, my utensils and materials are so disorganised and I can´t find what I need.
I have decided that this year will be different - when I have time to make something I want to have it at hand so I am organising all my stuff...aswell as my house, my wardrobe and anything that has eaten up my time in the past. I hope someone out there will read this and wish me luck!


mangetsu said...

I read it and I am wishing you luck. I am also spending a lot of time searching things... I never remember where I have put them because I always am in a hurry, squeezing the things in the drawers just where they fit... a vicious circle.

Thank you very much for the nice comment on my weblog, it is such a huge compliment to say somebody would be inspiring - thank you!

Greetings from Japan, Alex

my backyard said...

Wow, you really did start organizing one year ago.

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog.