Friday, January 06, 2006

how to get motivated

How to get motivated
I´m actually asking you all out there, not giving tips myself. I don´t know if anyone is reading this blog...if so, maybe you can share your motivations with me. My head is so full of ideas but somehow I get caught up with housework, kids, my day job and there doesn´t seem to be any time left for being creative.
I have included a some photos of things I have made in the past so you can get some idea of my style and what I like to get into.
I´m not really into new year´s resolutions but I´ll put some out there to keep a record of what I´m thinking today, on the 6th day of the new year.
I want to create unique things on a regular basis, have one project going at a time, finish it and then start something new. Take time for myself and have the courage to do what I want without worrying about it being 100%.
On that note...HAPPY 2006!!!


Jamie said...

That's a great question about being motivated! First of all, I see from your gorgeous work and your organized buttons that sometimes motivation comes! Being aware of what's worked in the past so that you can recreate some of that is very helpful.

Another great way to get motivated is to really connect what you're doing with something that's of value to you. For example, usually housework seems like a big chore to me. Recently I've considered how things like doing the dishes and sweeping actually help me celebrate my value of beauty.

And if you're mostly finding it hard to get motivated to do your creative work, a great tip from Julia Cameron is "sneak up on it." I do this all the time with painting. I just go ahead and put my brushes out. Then I go do something else. Then I put up my easel. Then I go do something else. I might get things ready one day and then be ready to paint the next day.

Those are some thoughts I have. What would having motivation give you? Have a great day!

Jamie said...


I wanted to thank you right back for your wonderful comment on my blog and for your awesome feedback!

You know, I found your blog from your entry in 52 Figments. I absolutely loved your postcard. It made me smile ear to ear, and so I checked out your site!

I'm really excited that our paths crossed. May the inspriation, motivation and positivity continue!