Monday, September 25, 2006

A week of collages!


Today I am having trouble flying...I can´t seem to get active or get into any projects so I am stopping to listen and rest. I will make a collage a day this week to celebrate the beginning of a new season and to give me time to organise my Etsy shop. My fabric labels have arrived and now I have no more excuses. There´ll be bags and pillows for sale on the 1st October.

The autumn market was yesterday and 2 of my bags plus a lot of tissue holders have new owners. People there seemed more eager to buy food and my cakes and muffins were gone in no time. The market was in the gardens of an old castle right by a lake, so beautiful! I took a couple of pictures which you can see over at Flickr.


Jamie said...

Congratulations on sending your creations out into the world with new owners! What a great start :) I'll look forward to celebrating the opening of your Etsy shop October 1!

African Kelli said...

A market in a castle and you sold your baked goods? I think you are living in my dreams!

jorth said...

Isn't it a buzz when you sell stuff you made?!

Laini said...

The market sounds great! I think our biggest problem in the US is our sad lack of castles! (Well, maybe not our BIGGEST problem!)

And that collage is beautiful and unique.