Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone...after numerous days of thinking, crying, contemplating and relaxing I realise that I was tired. Tired from working 3 days a week, tired of seeing my kids tired, tired from not sleeping enough and tired of the direction the masses are letting themselves be directed in - usually these things don´t get to me because I can deal with them one at a time but for a short moment they all came together at once and it was like a kick in the guts. I am so looking forward to us all having 2 weeks holiday at home between Christmas and the 6th of January (3 K√∂nigs Tag). We can sleep in, go skiing and sledding(yes, it finally snowed again yesterday!), cook together, have friends over for Christmas biscuits and sit around the fire reading or talking.

Above are some photos of a Kristkindl market that I took part in, this one was indoors (in my office) and although I sold quite a few things, it was disheartening to see that many people don´t appreciate "handmade" and often compared our prices to those of "made in China" products. When we make things, we put our energy into them and pass this energy on when we sell or give away something we´ve made with our hands. When I see and use things I´ve received from other bloggers or bought from artists it enrichens my life and reminds me of all the fabulous people out there who are using their talents and sharing their energy and love. Now I´m off to paint some cups, bowls and plates for Erich´s nephews and if I have time I´ll sew place mats to go with them...I feel well again, I have energy again, I am learning.


African Kelli said...

So happy to hear you got your mojo back and are feeling better. I think we are all a bit rundown by this point in the holiday season.
That fair looks beautiful!

Mirre said...

Beautiful things, Claudia!

Alexandra G said...

Yay! You're back in action! I kept checking in to see how you were doing and I'm so glad to see a new post from you! Have a wonderful time over the holidays. It sounds like it will be simply beautiful and joyous and hopefully relaxing too! And how incredibly nutty for people not to gobble up your crafts in one huge swoop. When my budget is back in working order I will be viisting your Etsy site!

shellyC said...

Again, I know what you mean about ungrateful people at Markets. I did my last market the other day - I am sick of people wanting a bargain for my time!! I will now make things for people as gifts and share my things with people who appreciate it rather than sit behind my stall and hear people saying ...."K-Mart have big totes for much much less!"

Enjoy your holidays and Schoene Festtage und ein Gute Rutsch!

HoBess said...

Your things are so beautiful and I so love the way you talked about the energy that we pass on in handmade items. I just got back from my kids' school where a teacher thanked me over and over for the gift. Every once in awhile you find the person who gets it and then you are re-energized.
Maybe that's why we aren't inclined to stuff our children's pockets with micro-gadgets that "make life better." Alexandra's right ... the gizmos that are so fun are also robbing us of something ... the energy we find in each other! So glad you were able to re-charge quickly ... gosh those treats look yummy!
Merry Christmas!