Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 22

Body image is a big issue for me. I can´t remember a time when it wasn´t. I don´t understand why and I hope this week gives me some answers. I hate my stomach area but otherwise I am generally happy with my figure and my clothes and I leave the house feeling great then I pass a shop window and see my reflection and my heart is in my shoes because how I feel inside doesn´t match what I see. I suffer.


Genie Sea said...

I'm with you Claudia. 10000%. :)Your collages don't just speak to me, they are yelling...hello! that's me.

I hope we both find a way to love our bodies this week! :)

Marie said...

This is also something I have struggled with in the past. I honestly think that sometimes women are their own worst enemies - we are so critical of ourselves.

It’s taken me a long time to realise that trying to look like that perfect image I have in my head is just not going to happen, nor when I really think about it, do I want to spend most of my time in the self involvement that it takes to look that way. So I've learned to be happy with the little I have.

miss*R said...

Hey Claudia, many, many women have body image issues.. I do too but am getting better at loving my body. Ya gotta love your belly! I use to want a flat tummy.. until I saw a lady who was on the 'plump' side and she was belly dancing. Totally in love with her belly. Showing it off in a parade and she glowed. I wanna be like that I thought. And I am getting there. I bought myself the book "secrets and mysteries - the glory of being a woman" by Denise Linn. Fantastic book! Reading it helps you love the person that you are.

and thankyou, thankyou for that website link to Gluten Free Girl.

Kavindra said...

I always love your collages, but what you wrote today just leapt out at me. I too have the issue with my tummy area, and too have that thing where I feel great until I see that surprise reflection and it doesn't match how I feel. Thank you so much for writing that.

Jamie said...

"imagine an end to hostilities" What a beautiful vision for you and yoru body. May it be so.

gemma said...

Your collage spoke to many of us.
Thank you.

Dia said...

My mother-in law (now 93) once wrote a poem about passing windows & wondering who that 'old woman' reflection was! Isn't it odd, to see our 'now' self, & try to align that with our preception!! Brilliant bit you wrote - & such lovely collages! I love 'open your wings' from day 20!

daisies said...

right there with you ~ its amazing to me that i can feel so beautiful and then catch an image on camera or in a reflection and be taken aback by how different my perception is ... it can plummet me.

here is something i have learned since i have been doing weddings and portraits. i take photos of some really incredibly beautiful people and face to face and watching them move in their bodies, i think wow, so stunning because they are.

but sometimes, the camera catches a bad angle or a bad movement and they look so unlike themselves i am taken aback. those photos are instantly deleted because they don't accurately represent the person being photographed, the person i see.

my point is ~ i think sometimes we catch bad angles of ourselves, a snapshot that doesn't really show us how we look to others, a bit of unreality and we can hold onto that so it makes us unhappy or we can see it for what it is and let it float out there, a whisper of nothing.

i too am struggling with body image issues and i think i am finally winning :)

much love, xo