Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 28

It´s been a wonderful, sometimes painful, 28 days. I am so grateful for ALL that I´ve learned. Thankyou for your comments, especially on the rough days. It´s been a pleasure getting to know you all.


Serena Lewis said...

Your beautiful and meaningful collages have been something I have looked forward to seeing each day of this amazing journey that we have shared in. I will miss them.

It has certainly been a pleasure and a privilege getting to know you, Claudia.

love, light and peace,

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I hope you mean Goodbye just for now and not ending your blog.

Your collages have really brightened my day..Brilliant and inspirational.

Take Care

Tori said...

These pictures are so beautiful. Good luck on your continuing journey!

Genie Sea said...

Thank you for your lovely, inspirational collages and supportive and light-filled comments.

This isn't goodbye :)

Blessed be.

Anonymous said...

Your art spoke volumes to all of us, I think and I am so happy to have been able to experience them with so many wonderful women. Thank you1

Unknown said...

Thank you for the beauty you added to our lives.

Es hat mich sehr gefreut. Auf Wiedersehen!

ELLIE said...

I have truly enjoyed your collages - take care of you

Jamie Ridler said...

HUGS to you Claudia. Big HUGS.

mtnchild said...

Your journey has been a wonder to behold. The interpretations are an inspiration to your bright future.

Thank you for letting us follow and keep it up.

Many hugs,

Lisa said...

You have such a gift of vision. I so have enjoyed seeing the world, and especially this journey, through your unique point of view. Thank you.

(Due to your inspiration, I am going to try a daily collage journal now that I don't have this as a daily thing to do. I am amazed at how different a slant on things collage and images brings from words. Really cool.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your journey through images. Blessings to you! Nicole x

Mjfontaine said...

I liked your posts and your insights thank you for sharing ..too.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I admire your talent to find appropiate images and the way you put them together. Specially the will to do that every day! I got a only a few completed. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nadya said...

I enjoyed these images as well - & look forward to delving more deeply into SoulCollage, having completed this part of the journey!