Monday, February 02, 2009

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

(Wolfsberg and Bad St Leonhard-where I live)
Secret 4: Surrendering to Creative Cycles
In the past I have often felt stuck and lost - mainly this had to do with my financial situation. Living in a house too big for my pocket had me frantically looking for ways to be creative to make money. I started to realise that it would be easier to find ways to live well without spending so much. I started buying groceries locally- directly from farmers, baking my own bread, cookies and cakes and making yoghurt, pasta, marmalade and cordials myself. I learnt how to grow a vegetable garden that almost feeds us during the summer months and I started making gifts and cards instead of buying expensive gifts for friends. I used to feel held back by not having much money but now I see it was my ticket to creativity.
Right now I love what I do - teaching english to adults and children and including my own creative ideas within my teaching. It thrills me to see people develop confidence in their language skills and I love that I am able to put them at ease so they enjoy their time with me and go away smiling.
Being outside, exploring my surroundings, fresh air and the change of seasons stimulates my creativity. I love moving with the seasons like people did years ago. Being in the garden in spring and summer, knitting socks, scarves and gloves in autumn, slowing down in winter and using up what I have. The year moves a little slower when I live with the seasons and appreciate what each one has to offer. Going for walks and really seeing the world around me opens my eyes to the beauty all around and makes me feel invigorated and open to creative impulses.


Genie Sea said...

What a beautiful testament of living in the now, and enjoying every moment of it! Thank you, Claudia! :)

I love teaching too! It is an endless source of creativity for me; and I especially love bringing out the creativity in others! :)

Kavindra said...

How lovely that you were smart enough to slow down and get in touch with natural rhythms that nurture your own.

CynthiaMarie said...

Your cycles and thoughtfulness sound so peaceful. The rhythm of the seasons found such tranquil place in your heart.

Beautiful post.


Rowena said...

That does sound lovely, going with the cycles of nature. Sometimes I feel like we cause so many of our own problems by trying to live outside of what IS. Sure, we can fly to the islands in the winter to force summer, but what do we have to pay for that treat? What happens if we look for the lovely in the winter that is our season?

D said...

I know what you mean as a teacher enjoying the fact that you put your students at ease so they leave smiling. That is a great feeling when it happens.

Tara Sophia said...

Yes! How inspiring.

I think our culture has mislead us about where the gifts in life are - not in the stuff we possess, but in the simple experiences and connectedness to the earth and to others that you describe.

It is one of my hopes that these economic times will cause more and more discovery of all the things available to us that don't cost a thing.

Thanks for sharing your journey.

Shawn Borror said...

I think there is much to be said about living in the natural cycles of the world...we are so removed from that or at least many of us are (me included) i think that might be why some of us are sleepy or in the slow cycle of creativity...maybe it's hibernating...