Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aussie Food

I love food, especially while I´m on holidays! Í don´t count calories or watch the fat content of what I´m eating because I am always on the go, walking everywhere, so I don´t put on weight while on holidays either. There is so much available in Australia when it comes to food that it´s overwhelming and everything´s so much cheaper than here in Europe.
While on Magnetic Island we enjoyed seafood, pasta and the good old Aussie BBQ which we usually prepared ourselves after shopping at IGA or Food Works. Erich and I spent one afternoon at Picnic Bay where the ferry used to come over from Townsville and we found a lovely bar/café which had beautiful cheese cake and mud cake. While in Townsville we had the best Club Sandwhich ever in a restaurant at the end of the shopping mall and the kids ate lovely, crisp potato wedges with sweet chilly dip. We went to the HQ Aquarium and walked all around the city and The Strand, played soccer with the kids in the lovely park and in the evening we stopped at an Italian Trattoria and ate mussels before catching the last ferry back to the island and falling into bed exhausted and happy.
On one of the many overcast days on the island we decided to go for a bush walk and what looked like a short stroll on the map ended up being a 3 hour walk through bushland followed by a 5km march on a hilly road to get back to the bus stop. We walked from Horseshoe Bay to Balding Bay and Radical Bay and back to the main road. It took all our energy to keep the boys motivated, we sang and played word games to keep their minds off their tired feet and every now and then a Kookaburra would stop by and laugh at us for still having such a long way to go. Our drink bottles were long empty and just when we thought we´d have to start carrying Markus we finally sighted the island´s main road and saw a red and white utility truck. It seemed like a Fata Morgana for us as it belonged to a german woman who has lived on the island for some years running a mobile juice truck. She pressed us fresh pineapple, grapefruit and orange juice and mixed banana smoothies for the boys and we all agreed that nothing had ever tasted so good.

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