Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UPDATE: 101 things in 1001 days

While on Magnetic Island I crossed 2 things off my list
82.Watch the sunrise on Magnetic Island.
83.Swim nude.
And on the way back I bought myself a present for my 40th Birthday
87.Buy an ipod.
I have only had time to download a few photos on it but I will sit
down soon and get to number88. Download music and podcasts onto Ipod.
Looking through my list just now I see that although I´ve accomplished quite a few things, there´s still a lot to do. I turned 40 while I was in Australia and birthdays always have me thinking about reaching goals and new stages in my life. This Birthday I acknowledged that I am very happy. I have come a long way these past 8 months and blogging has certainly helped me to appreciate myself and the life that I´ve created here in Austria just by seeing it through the eyes of positive, unselfish people who I have met here. The critical, unaccepting people I know cannot affect me and weigh me down the way they used to. I have become a lot stronger within myself.
Creating lovely things that bring others joy has given me real satisfaction and soon I´ll be tackling
31.Start an online shop for bags and pillows and other things made of fabric.
I have a collection of bags, accessories and pillows in the making and hope to have my Etsy shop set up in September. This is only possible because I finally had the courage to reduce my working hours and find more time for the things I love to do. I finally made time for exercise and stopped trying to feed my hunger for life and love with food - these are things I never thought I´d be able to accomplish. So, at 40, I am proud to say I feel great and life is good!


Alex S said...

Yay Claudia! Good for you! How many bloggers will post their naked bum on their blog? I love your list and how you are slowly crossing off its items one by one. How does it feel to be home? Did you miss any of your belongings? landscape? Very excited about the idea of you opening your own shop- you are one talented lady who is going to have many customers, including naturally, me!

Jamie said...

Happy 40! And congratulations on all that you've accomplished. It's so lovely to hear that you're happy and that you've really shifted your life to suit you! I can't wait to see your Etsy shop!

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh I loved this post-made me contemplate making a list for myself.

Happy belated Bday. Congrats on all you got to enjoy from your list. I love my ipod.

I too am working on loving myself instead of using food to feed my emotional needs.

Hugs to you

meghan said...

WOW!!! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! And congratulations on everything you have accomplished and that you are working towards. It's so nice to have you back and to see your beautiful face and to know that you are doing so well. I'm glad you are back and I can't wait to see your new shop!! xoxo

liz elayne lamoreux said...

this is fantastic!! you are doing so much and i am so inspired by your bravery.

happy happy 40th!
can't wait to see your shop when it is up and running. :)

Jorth said...

40 sounds like it's going to be a very, very good year!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your birthday, and on scratching some more off your list. I just started my 101 things this month.

Good luck with your plans. Happy "new year"!

HoBess said...

Such an energizing post! THANK YOU! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congrats on crossing all of those items off your list. Pictures are awesome ... I just love reading about your trip.

Anonymous said...

Go Girl !!! for marking things off your list and REALLY go swimming nude. I haven't got time to read all your blog at the moment but from what I can see you have seen more of Australia then I have and I've lived here all my life. I always say I wouldn't go overseas again until I see more of Aussie.
Can't wait to waste time reading your blog. I'll be back

Anonymous said...

ps. Happy 40th Birthday to you too.
I too have hit this wonderful age.