Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Island Life

Hi everyone! After an epic journey of 39 hours from door to door we arrived here on Magnetic Island exhausted but happy. Our town house is just as beautiful as it looked in all the photos and the island is lovely - friendly locals and great food. I will write more a.s.a.p, unfortunately I can`t download any photos in this internet cafe so you`ll just have to wait and see how amazing it is...bye for now!!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Australia, here we come!!!!!

Saturday evening 7.20pm departure from Graz airport.
Monday morning 5.10am arrival in Sydney for breakfast with parents, flight to Townsville at 9.25.
Ferry to Magnetic Island at 1pm.
10 days on Magnetic Island in this (ours is on the far right in the picture)town house.
5 days exploring with a hire car between Townsville and Cairns.
Flight to Sydney on 24th July.
3 days sight-seeing in Sydney, 1 week stay at Jervis Bay, my 40th Birthday party on the 5th of August, a few days stay with my best friend in the Blue Mountains, a couple of days for shopping and catching up with friends, leave Sydney for Graz on the 10th August.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

5 days and counting!

(I made this table runner from scraps in my fabric basket)
Here´s an update of my "101 things in 1001 days" list
1. Give away 50 things: I´m up to 6.
17. Rid the driveway of firewood and building materials: DONE!
33. Write a short story: DONE!
50. Grow my own potato crop: PLANTED!
51. Clean out the freezer: DONE!
56. Finish knitting jumper: DONE!
78. Check passports and organise visas: DONE!
79. Buy a pair of good quality shoes: DONE!
81. Find jeans that fit and are comfortable: DONE!
91. Clear the guest room of clutter: DONE!
94. Spruce up the boy´s bikes and sell them: DONE!
95. Throw out all toys lying around in the garden: DONE!
101. Sort out scrapbooking supplies and store in bedroom cupboard: DONE!
Some of my goals are up and running and I have completed quite a few - 19 down, 82 to go!
On Saturday we leave for our holiday to Australia, I am getting more and more excited as the departure date comes closer. I´ll tell you all about our plans tomorrow!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Scribblings #14 - "Two peas in a pod."

We have been having really hot weather lately which I am loving but the downside to this are thunder storms that come suddenly. The wild ones where dark threatening clouds move in quickly, so close you think you could touch them but you wouldn´t want to because a bolt of lightning could strike at your feet, followed by thunder so loud you think the sky is crashing in. It´s storms like these that have my 2 younger sons migrate from their bedrooms because they have attic windows and the sound of rain pelting down on the glass keeps them awake. They take their blankets and their cd player, their current books and their soft toys and they move downstairs into the guest room where they sleep soundly, safe in their shell, like two peas in a pod.