Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We have just arrived back from a wonderful holiday in the area around Lake Garda in Italy. It was so good to get away for a while...sun, water, relaxation and exploring were so enjoyed by all of us after the troubles that have marked our lives lately. We are soon leaving this much loved house behind us and moving to a nearby town where 2 of my children go to school - Bad St. Leonhard. We have found a large appartment there to rent and I am about to get started on painting the walls as they are all white...and that doesn´t even count as a colour as far as I´m concerned. We will have moved in by the 1st of October and although I´m really looking forward to living somewhere a little more livelier and practical than here and decorating and making a new start with Erich and the children, it is breaking my heart to leave this house. I have a song on my ipod - I have no idea who the artist is - and one line is "it will be just as quiet when I leave, as it was when I first got here"...time to go and make some noise somewhere new.