Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My first tutorial!

A quilted washing machine cover...

This was my washing machine before – boring and white. Here´s a tutorial for a quilted cover to brighten up your wash days. First choose fabrics that
look good together, florals, stripes, plains, whatever you like. Choose also a piece for the backing and cut it to fit the top of your machine, with about 2cm (3/4inch) seam
allowance on all sides. Take a strip of one of your plain fabrics and cut out some small pieces of clothing with a small pair of scissors (they don´t have to be perfect – I cut out half a piece, then fold over and cut the other half along the same lines). Pin the clothing pieces to your plain fabric.

Lay out a mix and match of fabrics to your liking, overlapping the pieces a little (seam allowance). When your happy with the look of your quilt you can start sewing. Sew the little clothing pieces to the plain fabric using the smallest zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine and the same colour thread as the background fabric. Then sew a washing line connecting the pieces along the top and some little pegs in a contrasting colour. Take your fabric pieces and start pinning and sewing together same length seams, (ironing the seams to one side on the back as you go). This gives you swatches with same length seams which you then sew together until you have one big piece. (You may have to sew extra pieces of fabric to some swatches to get the right size). Take the finished front side and turn it face down onto the right side of your backing fabric making sure the outer sides correspond. Start pinning from the middle outwards and when everything is nice and flat, sew a 2cm (3/4inch) around the outside (sewing forwards and backwards a few times at each end) leaving a gap of 10 cm on one side for turning. Cut straight across each corner for a nice finish and then carefully turn your fabric the right way out, iron the seam allowance at the opening inwards and secure with pins. Pin the top and backing fabrics together from the middle outwards until everything is nice and flat. Using a large zig-zag stitch and a contrasting

thread, sew over the seams and then zig-zag around the outside including the opening. Give your little cover a quick iron and let it brighten up your bathroom, laundry or wash room!

Monday, May 05, 2008

I could do anything.....

...if I only knew what it was. (the german version is pictured on the left, above the tulips from a friend´s garden- here´s the english version) That´s the book I reached for after I read Jamie´s tarot reading. I have had issues with my job/carrier choice in the past but recently there´s been so much going on in other areas of my life and I have pushed those issues aside and gone with the flow. Let´s just say that Jamie´s reading woke me from hibernation and I immediately knew something had to be done. I can recommend Barbara Sher´s books if you feel unsatisfied or need help finding a direction.
I had a lot of issues that I was unsatisfied with when I started this blog back in December 2005- family life, organisation, household, body issues, love-life, job. I have worked on these areas one by one and I feel like I´ve come such a long way towards living the life I really want. My children are happy, healthy, growing and learning, I recently married a wonderful man, I have managed to reduce our possesions and time thieves, I take care of my body and feel good in my skin.
I have a job teaching business english and although it´s rewarding to see people learning and the job is quite flexible and well paid - it doesn´t satisfy me. I need to make things and be admired for it. That is satisfying for me...not just to teach but also to awaken a positive feeling in others that wasn´t there before. I have worked with the above book for a week now and I know a lot more than before. And last Friday(hey presto!) the owner of my favourite book store asked me to make some book bags for her shop. I feel like I´m on my way!!!