Monday, June 19, 2006

20 Things I don't Like

1.Excessive alcohol consumption.
2.Being late.
3.Cold coffee.
4.Long winters.
5.Strange dogs -I´m really afraid of dogs.
6.Tight clothing.
7. Smelly feet-smelly anything actually.
8.Feeling tired.
9.Not having enough money.
10. Not having enough time.
11. Injustice.
14.Bossy people.
15.Being judged.
17.Feeling guilty.
19.Worrying about my appearance.


Ally Bean said...

good list. interesting meme topic.

boliyou said...

We share a lot of the same dislikes. Nice peek at you.

AnnieElf said...

We twinned on a lot of points here BUT . . . coffee over ice - absolutely the perfect summer drink. With milk of course.

Jamie said...

I'm so with you on cold coffee and long winters. If you're going to have to endure the latter, you really need your coffee hot!

Thanks for sharing your list!

African Kelli said...

Love it. Very good list. I got a dirty scowl from a woman in traffic today. To piss her off even more, I smiled and waved and then laughed my butt off until I got to work. So, I'd add cranky morning people to that list too.

jorth said...

Oooh, I'm with you on the dogs!

megg said...

great list! we show our likes so easily - but i think our dislikes say more about us - and yours show a sweet, fiesty woman xo