Friday, June 30, 2006


A while ago I received 2 amazing swap parcels in the mail. The first was from pyglet whispers in Australia - I love the blue fabric and her coffee cup stamps are wonderful. Check out her site, she is doing some beautiful lino cuts and she makes lovely frog softies too!

The next parcel is from an illustrator whose drawings are some of the sweetest I´ve seen. Her name is Tania - check out those buttons! She was so kind to send me a Home Companion, some emroidered fabrics and threads and the loveliest bits and pieces.

Thanks to both of you!


Kelly L. Watson said...

how lucky you are!
(I have been to Tania's blog dozens of times... her style is too cute.)

Am particularly enamored of the mug stamp - I might have to try making one of my own!

Frankie said...

How lovely!! It's so fun getting packages, especially filled with such wonderful treasures! Thanks for posting these!

Alexandra G said...

I want to be your mailbox with little legs so I can run away as soon as all your parcels arrive!

Rosa said...

Ooooh, I love swaps! Getting ready to do another one with ms*robyn. Hers are so fun!