Monday, January 20, 2014

At the end of 2013, I minimized my wardrobe to make life easier after watching this video.  Ruth and Courtney were also a great inspiration!  Since then I find it easier to dress and can see what goes with what at a glance. 
I am going to do the same in my fridge and pantry. Limit the amount of foods I use to 50 products (it sounded like a lot until I started writing a list) in order to make shopping, eating and cooking easier while also cutting down on packaging and waste. I find that limits actually give me a kind of freedom, although this seems like a contradiction. I love the Zero waste blog.
I am lucky to live in a region where many products are grown/produced locally and available fresh at a fair price. As much as possible I will make, bake and grow a lot of the products myself. I´ll keep you posted every Monday on my progress.

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