Monday, January 27, 2014

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I´ve been thinking about aging recently. I feel really good in this body and with myself at age 47. That comes more from having accepted the parts of me that I hated for so long but couldn´t quite manage to change. I used to see my body as an enemy and eating, or trying not to eat, as an ordeal. A book I found "by coincidence" at a flea-market changed that within 5 minutes of starting to read it. That book was "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" by Geneen Roth. The first chapter had me gasping for air - "eat when you are hungry". After all those years of dieting I had never thought about that, hmmm. That book set me free.
My hair is another one of those things. At 45 I finally accepted that my hair is thin, then found the right hairdresser for me - also "by coincidence" - who encouraged me to wear my hair longer, so happy about that! Recently I have been torn between continuing to dye my hair or letting it go grey.
Last week I ordered an issue of Kinfolk magazine after reading about it on several blogs. The current issue is about aging and after seeing the photos of all the grey haired beauties I have decided. I am leaving my hair its natural colour - grey and all!

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am 57 and I am still not near to letting my hair go grey, I just can't. I am not sure when I will be ready . I have long thick hair , which is one good thing that I have kept since ageing. And for some reason it has gone wavy and sometimes curly , not sure how or why.

I am happy that you have been set free, :-)