Sunday, January 11, 2015

EASE day 11

I´m often amazed by the amount of free content available on the internet. Today I googled the word "ease" and found this amazing picture which led me to "The State of Ease" by Doc Childre, view here for free.
This year I´m inviting more ease into my life which is easy on the one hand because my children have all more-or-less moved out. On the other hand it´s proving difficult because others assume that now I have more time in my schedule to fill. I´ve had 3 weeks of work over the holidays and tomorrow is my first full working day. I´m a freelance english trainer in a language institute run by one of my best friends. It´s a job I love and do well and over the past few years I decided to concentrate on this task rather than making one of my other hobbies my occupation. It was a good decision.
This job enables me to earn enough money to support my lifestyle and my children and also have a large amount of flexibility. I don´t need more and I want to make sure that there´s still enough time to just "be" as well though, and not just on the weekends. Am I being selfish?
Looking to Doc Childre for some insight.

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