Saturday, January 10, 2015

EASE Day 9 & 10

In the colder months, with more time to dream and think about spring and the sowing season, I start thinking about my vegetable garden. I have a few frozen veges from last year´s harvest in the freezer and we have a wonderful Demeter shop in Wolfsberg where I buy organic root veges, kales, winter salads and cabbages to get us through the winter.  I´ve been a vegetarian for over one and a half years now - and I´m still surprised that it has been so easy. I cook tastier and healthier meals now and our food is not boring at all. 
Here´s an interesting article to read at Zen Habits, if you´re considering becoming a vegetarian. 
Some easy and wonderful recipes from Taste Australia
A few words from River Cottage´s Hugh Fearnley, and a series of videos as well.
The above vegetable garden is not my own but I hope I can achieve something like it when I gain more experience. It´s the farmer´s garden in the nearby city of Klagenfurt, more photos here.

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