Thursday, January 08, 2015

EASE Day 8 Going Grey

Ease for me really means feeling comfortable. For a long time I didn´t feel comfortable with my hair because I always wanted what I didn´t have. I have tried many different colours, styles and lengths - now, at 48 years of age, I can finally say I am at ease with my hair. I found a wonderful, local hairdresser a few years back and I have a shorter style that is manageable with my thin hair. One year and 3 months ago, I also decided to go grey naturally and I thought I would have more grey strands than I do but only a couple of friends have noticed. Here are some inspiring articles and photos on the subject. Woman´s Day, Decided to go Gray in 2015 and THIS gorgeous pinterest page.

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Dear Claudia , this is one thing I am not at ease with ,so well done. . I have thick long hair ( tried short hair , not me) and dark. And the grey crept in. I cannot come to grips with it. So off I go to the hairdressers. ..time will come . My mum in law, also has long hair (wears it in a bun) , I think she is 78 ...dyed it for years, not anymore suits her My day will come. Xx