Thursday, February 23, 2006


These are the two lovely fabrics I bought from Mr. Schlinder. I don´t know what to do with them yet, maybe some more owls or bags. I´m sure I´ll find some inspiration on Flckr.

I have made 5 squares for a patchwork quilt which I will use as a cover for my bed. I´ve never made a quilt before so I wonder how I´ll go. I plan to make a whole bunch of these squares and then use a different fabric in between to put them all together. I´ll probably have to hand quilt it in the end because it will be too big for my sewing machine.
I´m so glad Thursday is over, now I can get into a more relaxed weekend mood, I am really tired after teaching all day and then driving home in snowy weather.
Have a nice Friday everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

You are just doing a absolutely beautiful job!! I can't wait to see the finished product. How very proud you will be of that piece of artwork.


Michelle said...

How fantastic are they!!!! Are the center pieces printed or appliqued?

Looks soooooooo good.

Claudia said...

Hi shellyc, the center pieces are printed. They are cut out from a piece of fabric I bought during my last holiday in Australia. I seem to have this thing with pumpkins, maybe it´s the colour or the part the pumpkin plays in Cinderella.

Laini Taylor said...

Gorgeous, Claudia! I have future plans to learn to sew & quilt. I'd love to now but I've learned I have to focus my creative energies and not try all the things I'd like, or I won't get anything done of anything! Looking at all your fun projects, all the beautiful fabrics, it really makes me want to, though!

Speaking of which, THANK YOU SO MUCH for my awesome awesome bag! I love love love it!

Have a great weekend!

meghan said...

Hi there!

Your quilt is SO inspiring! I have a bag of scraps that I have been hoarding for years thinking I might learn someday... maybe someday! I think that that swoopy material would make an amazing skirt or bag - very 60s. Hmmm... pretty!
have a wonderful weekend!

HoBess said...

I'm so in awe of your sewing ability ... is quilting vastly different than the other kinds of projects you've done?

I cross stitch, but can't sew at all. I've saved clothes from all the kids in hopes of making baby quilts some day. I figure when they're in college I'll take quilting classes ... unless I need to take a more basic class first. Advice, please!

--erica said...


Frankie said...

Oh they're BEAUTIFUL! I'm so jealous of your creative ability!! I so desperately need to learn how to sew! These are sensational!

Jamie said...

And Claudia what a beautiful bag you made for Laini! You ROCK!