Thursday, August 31, 2006

A while ago I joined the Blogbagswap organised by the lovely
Mijk who was also my partner in the swap. Above is the gorgeous
bag she made me, based on the look of my blog. I was touched
when I read about how she thought about, designed and made
my bag, with so much thought and effort. Read her post here.
(And here´s the bag I made for her).It´s one of the most
beautiful gifts I have ever received and I am amazed at how
well she knows me even though we´ve never met. Thankyou Mijk!
The little green cat that´s been hanging from my fridge door since it
arrived really puts a smile on my face. It was made by Ihanna who
has recently gotten her shop up and running so check it out! I think
there may be some more of those cute cats available too if you´re quick!
As for my own crafting efforts, I have been bitten by the sock bug - if
I´d known they were that easy to knit I would have started years ago!
I am going to knit all the socks I need for the coming winter and am
thinking of making socks for all my friends this Christmas.
I walked into a patchwork shop in Berry, Australia while on holiday
there and fell in love with a display of pale blue and red fabrics. I have
decided to make a whole range of pillows and bags in this colour
combination and above you can see the first one.
I have also decided to tackle a few more things on my list of 101 things
in 1001 days...paint the guest room and paint the kitchen. More on that
next time!


Unknown said...

Great gifts and finds! Good luck with your 101 projects.

Anonymous said...

SO glad you like it! Am bag from the beach myself and was really relieved to leanr that you like it!

meghan said...

beautiful! You are so creative Claudia, I'm so impressed and jealous! And I LOVED the socks you made! I have a knitting book (learning how to) I think maybe you've inspired me to get to it and learn. I'd love to make some socks too!!!