Monday, January 12, 2009

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Secret 1 - Acknowledging Your Creative Self

"What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do". (Sanaya Roman)

I used to think I would have to change my profession to be happy as I felt too restricted in my teaching job - but I have come to realise that it wasn´t the work that had me feeling restricted, it was my position within the company and a boss I didn´t like. While staying in that job I was restricting myself and not acknowledging my talents which are

*Teaching *Motivating *Leading *Crafting *Singing

Now I´m learning and experimenting with new processes so I can combine these talents and use them to make a positive difference.


Genie Sea said...

I can so relate to you! I made a conscious decision to focus on what I love (teaching, the kids, coming up with creative lessons, encouraging creative and critical thinking) and stop focusing on the turdy parts!

Well done! Love your collage! I missed them :)

Mescrap said... too. I have the same thought as you. May be I'm too bored to be in the same position for years.
Luckily I discover blogging & crafting & journalling.

Melanie Margaret said...

You are wise to have realized that sometimes it is not the position, but our frame of mind...I feel like that alot....some days are bliss and others are...well...not, but mostly it has to do with my perspective, not circumstance.

Lisa said...

Completely relate even tho I'm not a teacher. The quote you picked was the one that most jumped out at me from the book too.

claireylove said...

Good on you!

Good luck with the next 12 weeks,

Bright Blessings, BB x

Kathryn Costa said...

You go girl!

What is so interesting, is that I could post your comments on my blog and it fits my life in so many ways and those who know me really well would think I wrote them.

I'm finding what I am grateful for in my current job (and there are many, many things) and I'm not getting hung up on the things I don't care for (like my supervisor).

You can create the life you want. I know I'm not going to leave it up to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, thanks for stopping by blisschick!

I 100% agree with you that focus is necessary so that you can be, as you put it, brilliant. Too much scattered energy tends not to allow us to discover the depths of the talents we have been given.

By the way, I love the wooden YES. Yes was my guiding mantra for a couple of years...still is, really. :)

Secret Wish Jar said...

There's so much wisdom in your words. Enjoy experimenting, no doubt you'll discover wonderful new things that will help you use your amazing talents to make a difference!

Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful and so inspiring. Getting out of a bad work situation is imperative to the spirit. I'm so glad that now you are free to share your talents with others!

And I totally got to get one of those Robomops!

Anonymous said...

The whole work thing can be such an obstacle! Last year, a dear friend told me, your work doesn't define who you are, not unless you choose it to. That really freed me. I loved how you saw that it wasn't the work, but other things that needed to change.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how many things I can relate to in everything that you say. I also hate my job but my manager is a very good person. I study realy hard and feel like I don't deserve to be where I am now. This year I have decided to move slowly and listen to myself and that inner voice that always tells me that I am destined for greater things. Onee thing I am going to do is to live life for myself and not be the "too responsible" or almost stuck-up person that I always am. I am going to live free.

aa said...