Tuesday, April 25, 2006

101 things in 1001 days!

101 things in 1001 days

1.Give away 50 things that I own to people who will appreciate them more than I do.
2.Learn more about permaculture-gardening and grow enough vegetables to feed my family for a larger part of the year according to permaculture guidelines.
3.Take apart the wardrobe in Markus´ room and cut it up for firewood.
4.Take back overdue library books.
5.Buy tiles and finish the upstairs toilet.
6.Clean the oven.
7.Finish answering my “Life Aims” questions, print the posts and put them in a journal to remember the journey.
8.Sew a pair of casual pants.
9.Rearrange the furniture in Markus´ room.
10.Help Erich finish the furniture for Daniel´s room.
11.Walk 30 minutes a day starting today.
12.Sew a messenger bag to take to work.
13.Sew a new curtain for Daniel´s room.
14.New curtain for Stefan and Markus.
15.Paint a mural on Markus´ wall.
16.Sew a bean bag for Daniel.
17.Rid the drive way of all firewood and leftover building materials.
18.Paint the woodwork on the 2 balconies and the stair-rail out the front.
19.Paint the walls in the kitchen and sew new curtains and seat cushion covers.
20.Buy wood for the steps and finish the staircase.
21.Finish the upstairs bathroom.
22.Buy and lay tiles on the steps in front of the house.
23.Change the central heating from oil to wood burning.
24.Hang up a mirror over the chest of drawers in the hallway.
25.Make a room divider for the bedroom to hide the mirror at night.
26.Make a family scrapbooking album and use up photos hiding in boxes in the living room cupboard.
27.Go freelance by the end of 2006 - teaching english with more creativity.
28.Hand in financial paperwork punctually by the 15th January 2007.
29.Hand in financial paperwork punctually by the 15th January 2008.
30.Hand in Financial paperwork punctually by the 15th January 2009.
31.Start an online shop for bags and pillows and other things made of fabric.
32.Write a poem.
33.Write a short story.
34.Write an article on interior decorating, with interviews and photos and send it to a magazine.
35.Have 3 seperate dinner parties and invite atleast 4 people to each one.
36.Spend a 2 week holiday in Italy.
37.Spend a 2 week holiday in Sweden.
38. Buy and read Cynthia Rylant´s biography.
39.Paint the upstairs hallway.
40.Decorate a shadow box for each member of the family for Christmas 2006.
41.Prepare a message in a bottle and throw it off the cliffs at Kiama, NSW.
42.Set a wedding date.
43.Paint a mural on the wall in Markus´ room.
44.Start a gratitude journal.
45.Knit a pair of socks.
46.Learn to make delicious pasta from scratch and stop buying packaged pasta.
47.Learn to make my own bottled tomato sauce for pasta.
48.Help Erich make a solar dryer for herbs and dry my own herbs from the garden.
49.Find a local farmer who sells healthy poultry and eggs.
50.Grow my own potato crop.
51.Clean out the freezer.
52.Learn how to use Excel.
53.Have a party for my 40th Birthday and invite only people I like.
54.Reach my goal weight of 85 kilos and stay that weight for 6 months.
55.Put another 50 things that I´m not sure whether to keep or give away, in a box. Write a date on top (6 months later) and if I haven´t opened it to take something out by the date, give the whole box away without looking inside.
56.Finish knitting the jumper I have started.
57.Plant a native Australian tree in my garden ( a winter hardy one).
58.Take the box of old black and white photos that my grandmother left me a try to find out who is pictured from people who knew her.
59.Make a family tree book with photos and descriptions of people in our family (going back to my great grandparents).
60.Go to the dentist. ( I am terrified of dentists!)
61.Have a health check-up.
62.Find basic make-up for daily use and USE IT!!!
63.Find a perfume that I love and spray a little on every day.
64.Have a shower first thing in the morning and get dressed “to my shoes” before I do anything else for 21 days in a row.
65.Buy some espadrilles.
66.Finish sewing the shirt I have started.
67.Sew 2 new skirts to take to Australia.
68.Write down 20 ways to avoid argueing with my family while visiting them in Australia.
69.Write down 20 ways to avoid being intimidated by my family while visiting them in Australia.
70.Write down 20 ways to be nice to family while visiting them in Australia.
71.Drink 2 litres of water a day for 60 days and see if my skin really improves.
72.Hold a scrapbooking workshop.
73.Organise a Christmas market, advertise and promote it, organise a visit from the press and make sure there is an article about it in the local paper.
74.Invite 6 ladies over for a tea party.
75.Arrange for my regular payments to be booked directly from my bank account.
76.From May 2006 onwards, put an amount of money in a savings account for Stefan monthly and have it locked for 6 years so he can take out the money when he turns 18.
77.The same for Markus in December 2007.
78.Check passports and organise visas for Australia.
79.Buy a pair of good quality shoes.
80.Buy a pair of good quality boots.
81.Find jeans that fit and are comfortable.
82.Watch the sunrise on Magnetic Island.
83.Swim nude.
84.Cut sugar and white flour from my food plan for a month.
85.Look through videos, label the ones to keep and throw out the rest.
86.Fill 5 video tapes with films and tv shows to give to Mum and Dad in Australia.
87.Buy an ipod.
88.Fill the ipod with music and podcasts.
89.Buy a plant for the bathroom corner.
90.Put up a new blind in the bathroom.
91.Clear the guest room of clutter.
92.Clean the guest room and touch up the paint.
93.Throw away the old couch in the guest room and replace it with a bed.
94.Spruce up the boys´ old bikes and sell them.
95.Throw away the old toys lying around in the garden.
96.Clean the window next to the entry and plant flowers in the planter box.
97.Sweep the stairs outside aswell as all the terraces.
98.Take the garden furniture outside, clean it and paint it.
99.Make 2 cuddly owl pillows and give them away to a charity.
100.Take the children for a haircut.
101. Sort out my scrapbooking supplies and store them - easily accessible - in the bedroom cupboard.

Now I need a coffee break!


Mirre said...

Wow, you'd better get started... you've got lots to do!!!

megg said...

wow - good for you! I can't wait to hear all of the updates!

Jamie said...

What an awesome, awesome list! It feels absolutely life-changing. This list is like a vision statement of what you want for your home, your family and yourself. You are a powerful woman making powerful changes in your life! You can do it and I'll enjoy celebrating each thing with you!

PS. I see you found FlyLady "dressed to the shoes" hehe.

Shannon said...

Gratz on you 101 list!!! You've got guts & ambition, go you!!! Its a great list :)

jorth said...

Phew, what a list - it's all very inspiring! Best of luck with no. 56, tee hee!

Ally Bean said...

just making the list would take me 1001 days! well, maybe not quite that many-- but close to it.

you're one ambitious woman. good for you.

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