Monday, April 03, 2006


Rhonna´s quote is perfect for how I´m feeling on this challenge. I am ready to make the most of what I have. I am ready to answer my life aims questions...I woke up early this morning and just listened to the peace of our sleeping house. No distractions, just the calming rythm of Erich´s breathing to help my thoughts along.

What things have you been successful in, in the past?

I have been most successful when I´ve had to work under pressure. My best ideas have come out of needing NOT wanting. Needing to finish a project on time, needing to have a new idea to solve a particular problem, needing to find a job to support myself. Wanting is not enough to get me moving. When I "want" to get something done I let myself be sidetracked. When I "need" to get something done, I am a woman on a mission, centered, focused and determined. That´s why the 21 Day Challenge is perfect! There is a time frame, there are people watching. That´s another point - I love attention! There, I´ve said it. When I was a kid everyone was always telling me to stop attracting attention but I wanted people to see me, to love me and to applaud me. And I want it now be successful I need applause!

Which talents and capabilities were decisive in achieving those successes?

Creativity, seeing potential where others don´t recognise it, thinking positive and using the negative attitude of others to fire me on rather than drag me down, not giving up!

This process is really beginning to work...I am feeling calmer -although in the present situation I should be freaking out! - I am feeling more focused. And although I am not buying anything new, I feel more abundant! I can see how much I have, I can appreciate this life, these children, this home and not spend my time thinking of what I don´t have, what I´d like to have or what I can´t afford. And one thing I noticed this morning...I am not thinking about food! My stomach is getting the chance to talk to me again, to tell me when I´m hungry rather than having me ask it "are you ready to eat again?".

We must learn to recognise our talents, to be proud of who we are and what we have achieved...I know that some of us have been taught not to flaunt ourselves but why shouldn´t we?


Mirre said...

Hear, hear!

Lost Aussie said...

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. It was great to find yours. I hope your trip to Aussie works out in June. I will be going back home then too, but to Perth.
take care

firstborn said...

you go sister girl! i couldn't have said it better!

also, thanks for your kind comments and visiting my blog...

keep your words coming and i will stayed tuned!

:) mary ann

kelly rae said...

yes, why shouldn't we flaunt ourselves, show our pride, our joy, our talents. those things are meant to be seen, shouted from a mtn top, really.

Mijk said...

I'm intriqued by your change posts. But I just happen to fall right in to your blog (a happy coincedenc I have it bookmarked now) But I'm just curious what this challenge was about specifically. Can I read it back somewhere?

Shannon E. said...

That is definately a sentiment I can fully relate too. I am glad to have found your blog.

Shannon (Sentimental)

HoBess said...

You might not believe it, but I can feel the changes in your energy since I started reading your blog a few months ago. It's amazing. And you're right, more of us should feel free to be proud of ourselves. ... I love the conversations here between you and your stomach! I imagine a huge grin on your face when you made this realization! Hope it's showing some signs of spring in your part of the world ... HB

Ally Bean said...

calm and focused sounds like a great place to be. good for you.

Anonymous said...

You know...why should we be ashamed of wanting attention? I like getting attention too! Love the idea of eating only when you are hungry...when I think about it, I am amazed that so many things that should be natural are on a schedule!

Mijk said...

I'm in for a swap! My mail is so we can figure out details..

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