Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life Aims continued

These are some of the things that have been keeping me busy. Erich and I were away at his parent´s farm for a few days at Easter and we had a chance to sleep in and relax. On Tuesday he started his new job and he loves it...he´s doing carpenter work for a building company in Wolfsberg and he works regular hours (no night shift!!! YAY!!!) and they have agreed to give him 5 weeks off in July so our holiday plans to Australia are secured!
As soon as I can collect my thoughts and some images I will give a summary of the 21 day Challenge which was fantastic BUT too short. I am more inclined to make a 101 Things in 1001Days list like Jaimi.
Anyway...time to answer the dreaded questions...I have been carrying them around with me and I think I know the answers now.

What have you not been successful in in the past? I have not been successful at losing weight, having my house and surroundings perfect and saying "no" out loud instead of saying "yes" while my thoughts scream NO!I have not been successful at doing what I want!
What were you only partly successful in doing? I was partly successful in various jobs, keeping up to date with taxes and paperwork and being punctual.
Where did you fail?I have failed in many things ... usually plans that I make because they seem attainable and important BUT then I don´t carry through, lose interest or have to admit that they were unrealistic. I have also failed at making the most of my money. I don´t mean earning more or wanting to be rich, I mean using what I currently earn to live a quality life within my means. I have failed in accepting myself and others but I am learning to let go of this constant drive for perfection.
Which weaknesses and deficits can you recognise which played a part in not coming through?
I recognise that often I want to do too much at once. I have a weakness for getting side tracked so staying focused has not been one of my strengths. I have some great ideas but I lack the courage to follow through. I often don´t plan ahead well enough and an obstacle (that I should have seen coming!) knocks me off my feet. I often have trouble accepting things as they are - although I must say that this has improved dramatically since I started the challenge - my character has definately become more positive and things can´t throw me so easily. I see so much negativity around me - outside the blogging world - and often can´t understand why others aren´t high on life aswell when there is so much to be happy about.

I really feel like I´m on my way, I feel more focused since I´ve started looking at myself more closely and not finding reasons for failure somewhere else. We all have the strength to improve but first we must know what it is that we´re not happy with. Whether it´s where we live, our job, the way we look, our relationships or whatever...we must find out what´s eating at us and then change it - WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY!!!


Connie and Rob said...

We do have the right to be happy but it is a work in progress every day. So many circumstances going on in our lives can really take the wind out of you.

Support in our blog world always helps!!!

Take care,

shellyC said...

Glad Erich has a new job taht he loves. Love the things you have been making too!!

megg said...

yes, yes, yes! You are so strong. You're right - happiness is OKAY!

I just wanted to share that 21 days is the amount of time that you need to do something for it to become a habit - so you ccan continue to make your changes and your decisions and they will only get easier! I'm so glad that Erich's boss is being good about the trip home and that Erich has found something else - keep on believing. Happiness is our right - thank you for always reminding me!!

Mirre said...

Congratulations on Erich's new job!!
Now you can really start to enjoy your holiday preparations :)

Jennifer said...

we could be twins!

Kelly said...

What an encouraging, positive post. And I love the pillow. Glad things are on an upswing for you. And glad you like to share your process.

Jamie said...

Yay! I hear you on that one - we all have the right to be happy! And that means you too!

Congratulations to Erich on the job! How wonderful when something that started out so tough works out even better than what you had in the first place! Yay to that too!

I'll look forward to your 101 list if you decide to do it :)

Ally Bean said...

"I see so much negativity around me - outside the blogging world - and often can´t understand why others aren´t high on life as well when there is so much to be happy about."

Me too. It depresses me to my core.

I tire of being the "weird" one because I see good in things, and want to explore and change.

liz elayne said...

the right to be happy - oh yes my dear, this is what it is all about!
thank you for your honesty in this help me to remember that I am not alone in my own ability not to say no when i want to and in getting sidetracked by things.
thank you for this invitation to look at what we want/need to change. i needed to read this today...