Monday, May 29, 2006


I saw this and was inspired to create a green collage myself.
What´s green at your place?

(ikea boxes filled with sewing supplies/vintage teapot and sugar bowl/kitchen curtains/Ken Done print/retro prints from Mr Schlinder/mosaic in living room made by Erich and I/the boys playing soccer in the garden/clay candle holder/daisies outside the kitchen door)


megg said...

That collage is beautiful!! I'll do some serious looking at green today & report back! (I'm in Devon... EVERYTHING is green right now!!)

deirdre said...

This is good inspiration. I just learned to use the digital camera last night, so I think I'll go find some green things this morning.

Alexandra G said...

I love this! Are these all things you found right around your home and yard? If so, it looks extremely cozy and beautiful where you live with lots of wonderful things to greet the eye! I suppose I could be very wrong but when I think of Austria in the summer I imagine it looking everywhere like it did when Julie Andrews is running on the hillside at the beginning of Sound of Music. (I've only been to Vienna unfortunately)-very green and lush. Love this collage!

deirdre said...

I did it. I've taken pictures and put them up. Now I want to look for more colors and textures. Thanks for the inspiration.

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