Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunday Scribblings #6: my shoes

My favourite shoes stand by the front door,
waiting like a pet dog to see if they´ll get to go out today.
They watch the children come and go,
they watch visitors come and go but they only catch a glimpse of the postman,
or anyone else I don´t like who doesn´t get further than the doorstep.
They´ve been around, my shoes,
to Australia and back, to Africa and back, to Italy and back,
to marraige and back, to hell and back.
They are comfortable and worn in, I can rely on them 100%.
We have a lot in common, my shoes and I,
we are not the most beautiful but we are spontaneous,
ready for anything life throws at us.
We don´t stand out in a crowd at first, but give us a while and you will see.
We are not young and fashionable,
we are older and have a few wrinkles to show for it.
I wonder what else we will experience, my shoes and I,
in this amazing, wonderful, "if the shoe fits wear it" life?


JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Enjoying reading your post very much!!

Amber said...

I really liked this scribble! I loved the pace of your thougths, and the wind of your words. Very nice.


Left-handed Trees... said...

Loved the personification of the shoes as a pet dog...and then, how you "tried them on" as representative of yourself, "...we are not the most beautiful but we are spontaneous, ready for anything life throws at us." What a great concept...

AnnieElf said...

We match our shoes! Loved this.

Shuku said...

What a beautiful description! Shoes go through so much with us. They truly have seen a lot; wonder what they'd say if they could talk...


Laini said...

Fantastic! I like the way you through marriage in with the places you've been to, "and back". And the pet dog line. Great fun writing that really creates a feeling of your warm, comfortable personality!

Julie said...

Nice post! Thank you for your comment on my site!

Mardougrrl said...

You know, I never made the connection between "if the shoe fits" life and

This flowed really well...almost had the rhythm of a brisk walk with you and those favored shoes.

Great post.

megg said...

Hiya! I loved this! Maybe my boots and your shoes should go on an adventure! I just think you are amazing. I'm so happy to know you!!

susanlavonne said...

Is there anything better than comfortable and spontaneous? I don't think so :-)
Wonderful post!

jorth said...

Beautifully said!

African Kelli said...

Love it. There are few items I have in life that I've kept that long, so I am proud of you. Down with mass consumerism!

HoBess said...

This is an amazing scribble! I am smiling from ear to ear thanks to the beautiful honesty and pure satisfaction in this post. And thanks for sharing your garden ... I can't wait to follow it through the seasons.