Tuesday, May 30, 2006


(vintage biscuit tin/ pillow from India shop/ Paul Klee print/
retro lamp/ mosaic & glass water fountain I made at a deco course/ books/
part of the mosaic in living room-we added a mirror that I bought in Grado, Italy/ old chest and picture frames that Erich restored and painted red, in our hallway/ our bedroom with red walls and old farmhouse furniture)


Kristine said...

I like all of the mosaic work in your home!

Shannon said...

I love your colour collages!!! What a fun and exciting way to explore colour & share your home!

Laini said...

OOh, love love love your colorful house and life -- the red and the green. Did you do the mosaic? It was serendipitious to see that, because I've been wanting to do some. I made mosaic gifts for people a few years ago for Christmas and I cut my hands all up but I loved it -- and have been wanting to apply it to some tables and dressers I have. Hm... Also, what's that wonderful big flower print thing in the upper left corner?

Mirre said...

You like to make mosaics too, don't you?! They're lovely!
Once the wheather improves I'm going to get my stuff down from the attic and make some mosaics again (I'm looking forward to that) :))

Kali said...

These colour collages are such a wonderful way to share images of your life ~ I would like to do something similar too (when my camera gets fixed!!)
I adore mosaics, and will try to have a go at some this year.