Sunday, January 29, 2006


"Life´s an Adventure" is the title of my second contribution to Swirly Girl´s 52 Figments.
How often do we daydream, making plans in our head which seem so realistic, close enough to touch but when we wake up and come back to the "real world" we let other people´s opinions and our own fears get in the way of fullfilling them. I am amazed by anyone who moves somewhere new to start a new life, leaving their old and familiar life behind to be with a new love or to start a new job. When I made these decisions in my own life I was young and carefree, open for anything new and I felt like I had nothing to lose, life was wonderful and the world was my oyster. Many years have passed since then but I can often feel the younger, carefree me wanting to break out, do something crazy so I feel really alive.
I have often dreamed about living in another country to experience a different life there...because of my love of simple interiors and the colour blue, Sweden has always been a favourite. Italy has so much history, wonderful food and a passion for all things loud and fun. Australia is a natural choice as I lived there for 20 years, from the age of 3 to 23 and the longer I am away, the more I remember only the good things and forget the frustrations. I am curious to know how life has changed there, if I idealise it too much and whether or not I would feel at home there. It wasn´t easy to grow up in a young country, with no real own identity, with parents who were themselves far from home and clinging to what they grew up with, their own morals and traditions. I never really found my own identity and it was comfortable to settle down here in Austria because everything seemed familiar to me. This summer my family and I are spending 5 weeks in Australia to celebrate my 40th Birthday and although a holiday isn´t the same as living there, it will definately be an adventure.
I do love Austria - although I am often ashamed of our politicians - I love the wonderful countryside, the history and the feeling of being right in the middle of Europe. I live in a beautiful village and we have 2 large cities only 1 hour´s drive away, Klagenfurt to the south-west and Graz to the east and it´s always an adventure for me to spend a day in the city, looking around in my favourite book shops and second hand stores, drinking milky coffee in a small café and buying home-decorating magazines to satisfy my addiction.
Crafting is an adventure too...when I work without a pattern, with only an idea in my head, I can never be really sure how the object will turn out.
Now that I´m writing about it I can see that adventure is everywhere...yes, LIFE`S AN ADVENTURE!


megg said...

Your artwork is lovely and inspiring! It's funny how close to the same page we are about wanting to move and live in other places but also missing where we came from. I hope that you have an amazing trip this summer! I think it's important to go for a long time to really remember where you lived rather than just being a tourist.

Have a wonderful day today!

Connie and Rob said...

It seems that I have had limitations put on me through my whole life. The most wonderful memories I have is when I have broken out...

Everyone must try and live through experiences because there is no better way to appreciate life.


Jamie said...

How odd - I'm sure I put up a post earlier today, Claudia, and it has disappeared! Well, here goes again :)

I'm wondering what your carefree young self is wanting you to do? If there were no limitations, what would you break out and do?

I'm so inspired by the questions you're asking, the wondering you're doing and the changes you're making. Thank you for sharing the adventure!

Jamie said...

And thank you for your post. You made me smile!

Alexandra G said...

What a lovely post! I certainly can relate to the nostalgia of being where I'm not. I have an eternal wanderlust that I've accepted will never ever subside, but look at the alternative which essentially would be a lack of curiosity. I've known a few people in my life who don't have that longing to see new lands, experience new cultures and countries. Cherish that part of you and FEED it too, even if its for adventures closer to home when you can get away. Lucky you being in Austria. With just an overnight train ride you are in so many places it makes me shake with envy!!!