Friday, January 13, 2006

it´s soooo cold!

It´s so cold outside, minus 6 degrees and falling. The sun is just going down and the children have been outside for hours, sledding down the hill next to our house again and again and again..... We are so lucky to live here in rural austria, the air is clean and the children are free to roam around in the forest or on the slopes where the ski lift used to be.

I have made myself a "magic scarf" named after you Jamie - to keep me warm through this amazing winter. I call it "magic scarf because it took me only 4 hours to knit...anyone can do it...and there is a great trick to it. If anyone is interested in making one, just let me know.

I found this wonderful book "Sticken und Nähen für babys und kinder" translated "embroidery and sewing for babies and children". There are some wonderful things which I´d like to make, adding my own special touches. I´ll keep you posted on my progress.

It´s been a wonderful day, I found a lovely comment on my blog from Jamie this morning, then I had a long breakfast with a good friend whom I hadn´t seen in ages and as it´s my day off work, I have been able to catch up on my blog and post some photos in the new flickr group "corners of my home". It seems as though a whole new world has opened itself up to me since I started writing here! To be cont´d!!!

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Jamie said...

Yay to the magic scarf! Thank you so much for naming it after me :) Once more you gave me a grin from ear to ear! I hope it keeps you cozy and inspired! Jamie