Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sew happy!

Seeing all those lovely things on other people´s sites and reading lovely comments about my stuff has really got me going. Self- doubt has plagued me in the past as I never really had much feedback but now I feel like I´m flying! I have all these wonderful materials that I´ve collected over the years and the colours are working magic on me, I can´t stop looking at these pillows I made today. I am dreading tomorrow though as I have to work all day.
I work about 20 hours a week in a job that I don´t really enjoy...I teach english which comes easy to me but I haven´t been able to bring much creativity into it as I work for a company, I have all my teaching material given to me and I must stick to a strict schedule. I live in a small rural village and the drive to work takes about an hour each way which only frustrates me more. When I got married my husband and I decided to have three kids and that I would be a stay at home mother who worked only for pleasure as my husband had a well-paid job. So we had the three kids and built a beautiful house that was easily affordable to run on my husband´s wage BUT he´s not around anymore and many things have changed. When we broke up I promised the children that I would do everything in my power to stay in the house that they love so that meant looking for a job. I know I should consider myself lucky to have one - many women who live around here have no qualifications and jobs are rare anyway - but I miss the old times when I had more time with my children and didn´t have to work so hard to make ends meet.


Sacred Suzie said...

Keep up with the creativity, you are so talented! I wish I could sew like that, your work is so clearly unique and wonderful.

Stay true to your vision of the life you want, you can do it on your own.

Here's to the great adventures of life!

Connie and Rob said...

Your work is beautiful! Love these pillows.

Maybe you should find a shop and sell all your lovely work...


Jamie said...

Hi Claudia,

The pillows are awesome. I love how they feel like a grouping and yet they're each their own piece!

What a strong commitment you've made to your children and your home. And in the midst of that you're also clearly making a commitment to yourself as a creative person. And just look at the results - great work and connecting with people around the world. I bet there are even more wonderful things coming :)

Jim Di Bartolo said...

I just showed your pic of the pillows to my wife and she loved them! I agree with "Connie" -- you should try to find a shop that will sell them (and your other creations!) for a little extra money and the gratification of seeing them appreciated by others!

Sorry to hear that things have not gone as planned in the course of your life but it sounds like you've got 3 beautiful children and a great home -- try not to let the teaching job get you down! Maybe use the commute to & from work as a time to brainstorm about new creations, that way you can hit the ground running on your days off!