Friday, January 27, 2006

A new day, a new perspective!

This is what I woke up to this morning, a magnificent sunrise. The colours change drastically from season to season here and in winter you can really notice the colours of the sky against the white, snowy landscape. This is about one third of the view from our front porch. There are many areas of Austria that have sun for only a few months of the year, I think I would go crazy but someone I know who lives in one of these areas says it makes her appreciate the passing seasons more. When the sun´s rays start to come in through her kitchen window it fills her with anticipation because she knows summer is not far away. If it´s sunny and beautiful all the time then people forget to appreciate it.

I believe this to be true in many areas of life, we forget to be grateful. I went about my working day with open eyes yesterday because writing about my job made me aware that I needed a new perspective. I tried to think of ways to make my day more enjoyable...I put those family tapes in the car to listen to on my way to and from work and I will also be dropping in at the library to see if they have some books on tape. I took my collage bag with me to work on in my break and I went out for a lovely lunch between appointments.

I mostly work at an Apprentice Academy or in various companies but I also give some lessons in my office in Wolfsberg. The office is quite bland so I have decided to make it more comfortable and inviting...with some new pictures, a plant or two and some personal belongings. I work for a language school with other trainers who are all native speakers. In Wolfsberg we have trainers from Italy, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Spain and France and we have an office/conference room for the main languages, english, italian,french and spanish. I named my office "Wooloomooloo" after a small area of Sydney filled with artist studios, galleries, cafés and pubs. At Christmas we had a Christmas Market there, myself and some other trainers who make pottery and other crafts invited everyone we know to come for a Glühwein and biscuits and it was a great success.

I am feeling much better about it all today, thankyou all for the wonderful, positive comments full of ideas - now I can "hit the floor running" this weekend(thanks Jim!) without dreading next week and the working days ahead!


Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like you had a much better day.

I think it is a wonderful idea to make your place of work more attractive to your eye. Even when I worked in a cube on a floor...I had pictures, plants and little things people gave me to make me smile. That was my little home away from home.

Hope it works out for you. Take care.


megg said...

What a beautiful picture! That's an amazing view. I understand about missing the sun. In the summer it stays light here until ten but in the winter it's getting dark by mid afternoon.

I loved thinking about all of those people from around the world making a community and you making your office a bright and cheerful place. I'm sure that you are really inspiring your coworkers! Have a wonderful day today!

Jamie said...

Oh, what a beautiful view you woke up to! And it sounds like you've chosen a beautiful perspective and are filling your work and travel with beauty and opportunities for joy! That's so awesome and so inspiring!

Alexandra G said...

Thats your view every morning???! I could definitely work with that instead of the cement driveway outside our window. I can empathize working somewhere that your heart isn't in. I'm in the same situation myself. I'll trade questions with you: What are the next 3 steps you want to take to "plan your escape" out of a job your heart isn't fully in? I'll be thinking about the same question and lets get back to each other. In the meantime, so glad to have discovered your blog and thank you for your kind post on my site too.

Alexandra G said...

Thank you so much for making me laugh this morning. I needed it. I didn't get into the taxi. I took your advice! ( :