Friday, February 24, 2006


This post was inspired by Blue Dog and Meg.
This is my journal, I don´t write in it though - I prefer to
make collages. I asked my son to draw me an owl and
I liked it so much, I stuck it on the cover. I was never really
into writing until I started this blog and I try to make my
posts interesting to read but I have no aspirations to be a
writer. I have tried to start a written journal many times
in the past but it doesn´t work for me. I consider this blog to
be my written journal - I thrive on the feedback and love to
sit down to make an entry.
Collage is a different story...a collage can help clear my mind
before I start a new project and a visual story with colour is
more appealing to me.

This is a mixture of both and I love it. Thanks for the tip marie!
These are all words and names that I have written in my posts.
If you look carefully you just might find your names in there too!


Blue Dog said...

This is a cool journal cover! Especially because your son drew it. :) I also like the description you gave of your journal. I find it interesting that doing collage helps you to clear your mind and that the visual story appeals to you. Thank you for this little peak into the workings of such a creative mind!

megg said...

Hi there!

VERY sweet owl. Your kids seem really creative! I've been and made one of those word clouds too - aren't they fun?! I think I'm going to get a t-shirt made after a year on here.

I feel the same way about this being asn online journal. I've written less and less in my other one since starting on here. This community is so much more supportive than a solitary book. I can't wait to peek at some more of your collages!

HoBess said...

Love the owl ... and that you do collages. I used to do a lot of them when I was younger, perhaps I should explore this again. Aren't those word clouds fun?

Jamie said...

I love the owl on your journal. It kind of says "wisdom inside," hehe.

Love your word bubble. Isn't it funny how it gives you a snapshot of this time in your life?

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your collages :)