Saturday, February 04, 2006

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Four jobs I've held
Babysitter in my neighbourhood (I was 12)
Pharmacy assistant (part-time, during high school )
waitress (for 1 year between travelling)
English trainer and translator (current job)
Four movies I could watch over and over
My big fat Greek wedding
Four Places I've lived
Rooty Hill, NSW Australia
Bondi Beach, Australia
Abuja, Nigeria
Reichenfels, Carinthia Austria
Four T.V. Shows I've Watched
Gilmore Girls (I love it!)
Northern Exposure (I am currently trying to get my hands on all the DVDs of this series)
Any home decorating show like Changing Rooms
Four Places I've Vacationed
South Africa
many places in Europe between Cologne and Rome
Four of my favourite dishes
steak with jacket potato, sour cream and onion rings
Chinese food
fried calamari with garlic
Four sites I visit daily
Starshyne Productions
Four Places I'd rather be
Australia (to get away from this winter)
Canada (to see where all these wonderful people come from)
England (to help Megg with the gardening and to buy books and magazines)
I like it where I am too!


Jamie said...

Hi Claudia!

I love your list. What fun! It was neat to see that we have some things in common (e.g. I love Amelie and I have a serious addiction to home design programming). And it was a wonderful way to get a peak into some of your adventures.

Thanks for including mine as a blog you come to all the time. I'm so excited that there's a real sense of community going on!

megg said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say I am also trying to get ahold of all of the Northern Exposure DVDs!! I forgot to put that on my list - one of my all-time favourites! I had such a crush on Chris!!!

You are totally invited to come and help me with the garden! We could watch Chocolat & Amelie right after and then go book shopping!! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

jorth said...

Top list! Thanks for your lovely comment on my site. For some reason blogger won't let me publish it, but I'll try my best to get it up there.

HoBess said...

OK, I have to ask if the Greek Wedding/Northern Exposure thing is a John Corbett thing? I just love him in both of these, but also in Sex and the City. I know nothing about his real life ... I just find myself drawn to all of his characters. Perhaps this is something I should investigate more ...