Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

I got a phone call this morning that my classes today have been cancelled because so many of my students have the flue - I´m sorry they´re ill but that means I HAVE A FREE DAY!!!!!
Erich bought me a new magazine yesterday so I had time to let it work it´s magic on me, it´s full of beautiful colour, furniture and lots of ideas for sewing projects - WONDERFUL!
I had a loooong breakfast with honey on toast, coffee and fresh orange juice and then spent the morning sewing and checking blogs. It feels unusual to be home on a Wednesday, like I´m doing something forbidden!
I must try to live like this all the time, every minute of this day seems like a gift, a moment to be savoured, I can see the beauty all around me so clearly and it feels great! I FEEL GREAT!


Laini said...

Hi Claudia! I guess over there in Austria most of your wednesday is over now, and I hope it was delightful.

Here's a great Spanish proverb: How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards!

Wednesday is just getting started here. Funny to think of like that -- like the daylight that is just peeking in the windows is hand-me-down daylight, already used by you. But in a good way!

Jamie said...

Fantastic! Isn't found time the best! I'm so glad you got some precious moments to savour and with magazine treats to boot!

--erica said...

Very sad to have ILL students but I can imagine the RELIEF at getting the day off!! I hope you had a great one!

jorth said...

Hope you're enjoying your free day! And (furtive whisper) I can't see why you couldn't joing the sew-a-long!

Alexandra G said...

I use to feel the same way when I taught high school. I loved when school closed for the flu but the time off just oozed with extra joy because it was so delightfully unexpected!

megg said...

Fabulous! Those days are so juicy. I remember sitting around the kitchen table when I was a kid and hoping for a snow day. I also remember when I was a teacher hoping for the same thing. Reclaimed days are such a treasure! Hope you feel replenished!

P.S. I tried to email you but i don't think it worked!

Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like you had a glorious day. The magazine looks like a really fun one. I look through those dreaming about what I would like my house to look to satisfy myself I make a nice looking pillow. lol

Sorry it took so long but I honored my tag today. Thanks for including me. I enjoyed it.

Hope you don't catch that flu! Take care.