Sunday, February 05, 2006


It´s lovely to wake up on Sundays...I open my eyes and wonder why I´m still in bed when it´s already so light outside, I listen to the silence for a few seconds because I´m usually the first one to wake up and then it dawns on me, it´s Sunday! I am delighted that the day lies ahead of me, no stress, no appointments, we can do whatever we feel like, eat at no special time, run around in pygamas all day if we want too, WONDERFUL!
Earlier this week I took part in my first group swap...the color-iffic swap-o-rama. I received my parcel from a lovely woman in France, it´s pictured above on the left. When I found the parcel in my mail box after work it felt like christmas. What a treat! I looked to see where the parcel was from and got really excited when I saw the french postage stamps, then I went inside, cleaned up the kitchen to enjoy the feeling of anticipation a little longer. I wiped down the kitchen table, made myself a cup of coffee and then I carefully opened the parcel and unwrapped my goodies. Every little thing was lovely! I immediately put the bookmark in my current book, hung the keyrings on my bag and displayed the crafty things on the shelf above my sewing table.
This morning, daydreaming in bed with the whole lovely day ahead of me, I decided that I would make something out of the material and the rose that Christine sent. I bought some nice linen a while ago and after a few hours at the sewing machine, I now have a lovely table runner. I use to love pink when I was a girl but people teased me about it and as I got older I went for other, bolder colours but I must admit, even today I LOVE PINK!
In the afternoon Erich and I dropped into a little junk shop not far from here. I have taken a picture of what I bought...some lovely little chinese bowls, small glass bowls for ice-cream, a sugar bowl and really old cream jug and a vase that has intricate porcelain flowers on it. I am looking forward to spring when there are trash and treasure markets on almost every weekend. We sell, swap and buy and the children are really into it aswell. It´s a great way to pick up second hand books, furniture, craft materials and toys that we could never afford otherwise.
Now that Sunday is coming to an end I look forward to a new week, a new challenge and all your new posts that I find so encouraging and uplifting. Come on new week! I´m ready for you!


jorth said...

I love the blue jug!

Jamie said...

Oh, Claudia! Thank you so much for sharing your day and your package. I felt like I was right there with you opening up the package with anticipation. What joyful fun!

I'm a nut for pink too! It's so happy. You should see my business card. It's so pink that the printers tried to convince me to tone it down a bit. I said no way!

I checked the link but couldn't figure out if the swap was a regular thing? How did you get involved?

Jamie said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I just love the runner!

megg said...

Hey! What a fun swap to be involved in! Those pictures were great - so cheerful and PINK!! I used to be scared of pink. I thought it was too girlie, but now I LOVE it again! Thanks for sharing & I'm so glad you're raring to go again this week!!

P.S. Check my site, you've been tagged AGAIN!!!

Connie and Rob said...

You got some lovely things in your swap.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Alexandra G said...

Wow!!!!! I love the table runner you made and those two matching bowls- actually I loved everything on there and the beautiful colors all squished together. An eyefeast! Looking forward to reading the answers to the latest tag too. I'm wishing you a beautiful and full week too!

Laini said...

I love the idea of the swap! So much fun! Alexandra and I used to send each other "big mail" filled with fun things and it was like Christmas getting them, but we haven't done that in quite a while. I'll have to check into the swap thing! (besides our swap which I'm really looking forward to!)