Friday, February 03, 2006

OK...I have made a decision to change something and I´m putting it here in writing for you all to read as I am going to need some help. After reading the words of Alexandra, Megg and Laini I have decided to get my body in shape.
As long as I can remember, this has been on my mind. Was there ever a day when I didn´t wake up and think "ok, today I am going to lose weight." I haven´t felt really good in my body ever...although there are times when I have other things on my mind so I don´t think about it so much but most of the time, wanting to lose weight is a fixture in my brain. There are days when I don´t care, when I think "stuff it, you are as you are and that´s fine" but then I see a photo of myself or catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window and think"oh, is that really me!?". The picture I have of myself in my head is not the same as the one I see when I look in the mirror and I want these 2 images to come together - like when a picture is unfocused and you turn a knob to make it clear and sharp - that´s what I want. Not a perfect size anything but a healthy, defined Claudia.
Your posts have really forced me to challenge myself, to ask myself what I really want. The exercise on 52 Figments fits right in too: create a self-portrait of your most fabulous self. How can I put that on paper and then be happy with myself as I really am? I want to BE my most fabulous self!

Here are the steps I am taking as of this moment.
1. Eat only when I am hungry and don´t overeat.
2. Workout with the Pilates DVD that has been collecting dust since I bought it 3 months ago.
3. Drink 2 litres of water each day.

I hope you will all give me your advice, tell me about things which have worked for you and maybe even join me on this challenge.


megg said...

Hi there!!!!!

Isn't it amazing that in December I had not had any of this contact with people and now I feel like I am a part of this magical web of women who are helping each other and supporting each other and who are taking these big, bold steps in their life!!!! YAY YoU for deciding this! I TOTALLY agree with you and I will be right there along side of you as you do this. In fact, blogging has become a real diet aid for me too!! Maybe you and I can publish a book after all of this - 'The blogging diet!' Know that you are supported from this end!!

Laini said...

Hi Claudia! I wish you all the strength and support in succeeding at your goals. I absolutely believe in radical self-acceptance, but you know what? I think that weight loss is actually EASIER! Not to say it's easy, but how many of us truly can achieve that state of perfect self-acceptance and not wanting to shop for a smaller size? It feels really good to be in control -- and it really does spill over into every area of your life!
The main things that worked for me: Jim and I have always been healthy eaters, but portion size was key, and we cut out a lot of carbs, started eating a second vegetable with most meals, instead of rice or potatoes or some starch, maybe some butternut or acorn squash instead, or a salad. It's amazing how a small ajustment like that can have such a big effect.

Alexandra G said...

Yay! And I am inspired by you! AND working with the same goals. Email me if you'd like to check in with each other weekly with goals/check-ins. I'd love to!

Connie and Rob said...

I am in total support of your goals. I wish I could join you but at this time I am just not able to commit.

Hope everything goes well for you!


megg said...

Me again - let's DO THAT! Let's do a weekly check in or something to keep track - what do you think? An internet support group!!! Then we'd HAVE to do it!