Monday, February 13, 2006

my 3 sons!

"What does HEAVEN mean to you?"Swirly Girl asked. I didn´t have to think about this one for long because HEAVEN for me is being a Mum to these 3 boys. I love them, they are unbelievably beautiful and clever and full of life and ideas. To hear them laugh is the most beautiful noise on earth, no music can compare to it.
It breaks my heart that their Father doesn´t play a bigger role in their lives and there has been many a night I´ve laid awake, thinking of ways I can make up for this and worrying about how it will affect their lives in future.
Daniel is the oldest at 14 and he is a logical thinker who loves reading about Samurais. He is great at school, very independent and he wants to become an analytical chemist when he finishes school.
Stefan is the dreamer, he is 12 and very popular at school. He hates tests and learning and will do only the absolute minimum to get by. He loves his long hair, is very sporty and is extremely considerate and respectful of others. He wants to leave school a.s.a.p learn to be a cook.
Markus is the youngest at 10 and he is wise beyond his years. He likes school and his biggest aim is to make the teacher happy. He cannot cope well when other people are disappointed in him and he loves animals, especially cats.
They all love reading, eating chocolate cake and playing board games.
There is so much more to these boys though, they have been through hard times and they have experienced many wonders. All 3 of them have travelled to Australia and Nigeria with me and we have spent many holidays in Italy and Croatia. The most wonderful time of the year for us all is summer because they have 2 months off school and we can enjoy the few hot, sunny days that we have here.
Many people I meet ask me how I manage with 3 children and if it´s normal in today´s world to have so many children (I couldn´t believe that question!) I wouldn´t want to have it any other way.


megg said...

What a wonderful post! It was so nice to see your boys and know something about them. You sound like a terrific Mom & they sound like amazing kids. They are lucky to have you!!

megg said...

P.S. Thanks for the quote on my site! I actually HAVE that book on my bookshelf and I haven't read it yet. Guess it's time!!!

Connie and Rob said...

You sound like a wonderful mom. You feel lucky to have the boys and they are blessed to have you. A match made in heaven I would say.

Very cute boys!


Jamie said...

Thank you for sharing your family! They sound like great boys. It's so wonderful that you all enjoy each other so much. I'd love to come over for chocolate cake, board games and laughter!

HoBess said...

That's funny about "having so many children ..."
When we lived in a larger city, we knew no one with more than two kids. We moved to a smaller city and, while two is most common, we have met many with three and some more.
I grew up in a family of three kids (girl, two boys, just like my kids). It seems kind of a magic number. At once you're never alone, but sometimes feel left out. Is it the same when they are all the same gender?

jorth said...

They all look so full of joy!

..."Many people I meet ask me how I manage with 3 children and if it´s normal in today´s world to have so many children" Har! There's five children in my family! I only wish I could give Grumbles brothers and sisters, but alas, 'tis not to be.

Alexandra G said...

You have a beautiful family. At 33, I want to start a family in the next couple years and reading the clear joy you express for your children truly warms my heart. Sometimes I feel so afraid to be a mother. Would I be good enough? Would I be able to provide for them and be there for them the way every child deserves? And then I read something like your post and my heart feels at peace and inspired. Thank you for that.

Frankie said...

Your sons are so beautiful and they must have a pretty amazing mama to be as fantastic as they sound like they are! I love that they're all so different and yet similar, that's how it is with my siblings too...I really love hearing about your family!!

Laini said...

Hi Claudia! thanks for sharing your family with us - they sound like such great kids, and they're so cute! Though I don't have kids yet, for some reason my mom has always been convinced I'll have boys. Don't know why. And while I'd love to buy little girl clothes and decorate a girl room, boys seem like a good way to go -- Thanks for the peek into your life!

shellyC said...

I love the comments about having 3 kids...I do too....When people say ask that of me i say "You just have to. It isn't like i can only handle 2 children so I will let one of them run wild"...A woman who was expecteing her 5th told me if you can handle 3 you can handle any will always have only 2 hands!!!