Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More questions

People who think too much,
before they take a step,
will spend their life on one leg. (Anthony de Mello)

When you compare the first set of questions with this second set, you will notice that the first set has to do with drawbacks or faults - negative situations - while the second group wants us to think of our desired life - positive situation. The author writes that these are 2 different ways to achieve the same goal. According to the type of person you are and your lifestyle, one way or the other will be the right way for you.

What are my biggest wishes?
What means the most to me?
What is the most important thing to me in my life?
Answer the above questions keeping in mind all your different areas of life.

I will be using my day off work today to finish my clean-up, take all my sorted rubbish out of the house, vacuum and wash the floors...then I will take the time to sit at my clean table in my orderly kitchen and make a photo collage - treasure map to help me collect my thoughts on these questions. As Meg wrote, we forget that we are allowed to "want" so lets get in tune with our wishes, with our IDEAL LIFE!


Jamie said...

Claudia, I absolutely love these pictures. Is this your home? It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful questions. I'm considering them myself. Enjoy the clear out and the space you are making for your joy!

megg said...

What LOVELY pictures!! (Like Jamie - I wonder, how do you make these lovely collages?!?!) Good questions - as you know, I've been pondering some of these myself - I can't wait to hear your answers!!

Ally Bean said...

i like your blog. the photos are beautiful. and i really like the de Mello quote. thx.

Laini said...

Hi Claudia -- yay, you used the chicken fabric! Love that bag! I'm so glad someone crafty is making use of the chickens. Also thinking about your questions. I think, sometimes with questions like these it's a good idea to get the big immediate answer out of the way, say, you can't answer "family" to what's the most important thing, or that it's understood that family is first, then move on from there to the things we want for us, for ourselves. Especially with women, sometimes we have to be pushed beyond our first responses, because women will give everything they have to their families and leave no space for themselves. Well, I don't do that, but I don't have kids, yet. YET!

Laini said...

Oh, also, I love that iron light fixture in the photo. Where is that?

chest of drawers said...

Thankyou for your comments everyone! And Laini, you´re so right! "Family" could be the answer to all questions and it is the most important thing to me BUT as in day-to-day life, does it leave room for anything else? Thankyou for making this more obvious to me!

tara dawn said...

I am so glad you want to participate in the creativity exchange. Be sure to email me as soon as you can...I'm trying to get all the info together to send out to all.
And I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog here...I will be back again soon.
Inspired by Meg myself, I have also been searching the issue of what it is I want. Looking forward to exploring some of the questions you have posed as well.
Tara Dawn