Friday, March 10, 2006

My Favourite Magazines

Hobess posted about one of my favourite things - MAGAZINES! I have mentioned my love of magazines before, I love the feel, the look, the smell of a new magazine and that´s just the outside! Reading about how people found and decorated their houses, discovering a new fabric, a new craft, a new inspiration gives me such a thrill.
I find it very difficult to part with my magazines so I put my favourite ones in boxes on my book shelf to turn to on a rainy day and keep some to tear up for journaling. When the magazines are a few years old I look through them and cut out pictures and articles and put them in folders. I have 5 already and they are an endless source of inspiration, like thick books!
These are the magazines I buy every month: Country Living UK (this is available in a local newsagent), Australian Home Beautiful (my mum in Australia buys this for me, saves it and sends it in a big parcel with videos she´s taped from the TV and Tim Tams a couple of times a year), Living and More Germany ( this is a cute little, thinner magazine full of great craft ideas, recipes and decorating and it´s cheap).
If I could afford it I would subscribe to Mary Engelbreit´s Home Companion and Australian House and Garden.
A great magazine can lift my spirits, get me in the mood for a new season, give me inspiration when my creative mind is blocked, relieve home-sickness, give me an idea for dinner, make me happy!


jorth said...

I'm so with you. I adore mags too!

megg said...

hi there -

I used to only read women's magazines. I knew that they were bad for me but I didn't know what else top read. Recently I've begun reading some house & garden magazines and I LOVE them!!! I've been reading and clipping and sighing. I understand completely what you mean!!

HoBess said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, Claudia! I'm supposed to pay bills, grocery shop and clean house today (Ack! Ick! Ugh!) Now I have five new magazines to peruse online! This is a tough choice. Do what I have to or do what I want. Hmmm.

I'll have to ask for dad-in-law's help with Living and More Germany. I can tell from the pictures I would love it. Why is it most Americans only know one language? It's so limiting. Oh well, he's fluent, and mom-in-law is going to nag him with me once she sees all those amazing fabrics. She's the seamstress in this family. THANKS!

Laini said...

Claudia, just today at the supermarket I bought a decorating magazine and Garden Rooms, both special editions of Better Homes & Gardens, which is one of the subscriptions I get -- the other is Home Companion which I LOVE because the homes they show are not completely out of reach, but more affordable, more artsy. Sometimes a bit too cluttered with collections for my taste! I love decorating rooms -- and am gearing up to remodel the guest room (I've been dying to do it but it needs to be gutted and sheetrocked and have new patio doors put on, so it's more than just a coat of paint!)
We also get Entertainment Weekly and fight over who gets to read it with lunch each friday!

Alexandra G said...

I LOVE Country Living and Home Companion too! Did you see last month's Country Living where they featured women entrepeneurs? Magazines are like little eye feasts! I also like O magazine and Prevention and Weight Watchers. (they had a very tasty shepherd's pie recipe in the last one with sweet potatoes and kale that was excrutiatingly tasty!) Would you like me to send you the recipe?

Kali said...

I understand :)
I have a huge weakness to home and garden decorating is an addiction that I am trying to control...The amount of money I can spend is quite scarey, if I'm not diligent.

Connie and Rob said...

I love magazines too. Magazines with beautiful homes and flowers are just like going to your own little private art show. It really is therapeutic.


Linda said...

I just have to comment on your blog name, I grew up hearing "chest of drawers" from my mom and have never heard anyone else say it! Funny!

Off to look through your blog. :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

why why why did I give my collection of 11 years of magazine's (County Living, Victoria, Martha Stewart, Home Beautiful Cote Sud, Interiors...) away! Why? I looked at these images and realized I miss my buddies of inspiration!

African Kelli said...

Oooh, a mutual love! Thanks for posting these mags. I'll have to check the international section to see if we get them!