Saturday, March 04, 2006

This Week´s Projects

I finished a few things this week that have been lying around, half finished for a while, waiting for my attention. Inspired by so many lovely needle books that I´ve seen on other blogs I decided it was time to make my own. Now my needles are all in one place and I don´t have to go frantically searching through my sewing boxes when I need them. I am really enjoying embroidery but I have almost no embroidery thread so if anyone has thread lying around that they´d like to swap for something else, leave me a comment and I´ll get back to you. I am also in desperate need of some felt - the felt I have seen around here is synthetic and I would rather use wool felt.
The small patchwork pillow was made for Project Spectrum with more fabric that Chrissange sent me.Project Spectrum really has me thinking about what I can create in pink and red - it´s a great motivation to get onto some things I´ve been planning and also start something new. I am so, so enjoying this swap movement and I can´t wait to receive this months swap - the theme is green, one of my favourite colours. The package I sent has already arrived - have a look!
I crocheted the blue bag last summer but never got around to lining it so I finally got that done and also emroidered a spiral on the front to liven it up a bit.
Before I started blogging it was hard to find motivation to create anything. I take part in a summer fair and a Christmas market but usually I ended up making things in the few weeks beforehand, rushed, worried and very tired by the time it was over. Wanting to post ideas and creations on my blog has changed things completely. I am full of ideas, I can´t wait to get started, I am finishing things much quicker and trying things I hadn´t dared to before, I am discovering my own, unique style I am MOVING and not just thinking about it and frustrating myself wishing that I had. THANKS to each and every one of you reading this my life has changed. Your encouragement and acceptance have given me wings and there is a balance in my life which never existed before.


Alexandra G said...

All any of us are really doing is holding up a mirror so you can see for yourself how beautiful, talented, and amazing you already were! I have a real email TRULY coming to you later today. Thank you so much for all your loving support. I just got my Net access back too today and wanted to say hello and I loved all the photos in your previous post. Thats where you live??? wow! Hard to imagine that people could be cold and closed in such a magnificent environment and yet history can throw a heavy drape over a culture's way of being and seeing the world for a long, long time. I felt for you because when I lived in Bulgaria from 98-00 I had similar experiences, and sometimes I longed for home in so many ways- for the people, to hear my language, the food, the air, all of it. I think that under the circumstances it becomes very important that you hop on a train to Italy as often as you possibly, possibly can! How many hours are you actually by train from Italy? and do Austrians go there frequently? Anyway, glad to be back and I can't wait to read the rest of your posts later today when I return home. xoxo

liz elayne said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. To finding wings. This has been part of my journey as well and your post resonates with me so much. Your creations are beautiful, just beautiful. I love the pillow, the bag, well everything.
So glad that you seem to be feeling connected through blogging - it has given me the same gift.

Jamie said...

What great creations, Claudia! You can just feel that motivation that's found its way into your life - YAY!

I think the swaps are so cool. What a great way to further that sense of community that you're talking about. I looked at your green package and it's awesome!

It's so nice to hear your joy.

megg said...

I echo these other comments! I am so glad that you are feeling so balanced and creative. I completely understand how you feel. This really has been a life changing experience. I think that you and your words and your creations are wonderful and I consider it a gift that I have found you and can get to know you in this way. You are unique and talented and so creative! It is so nice that you are FEELING that way again! xoox

jorth said...

Thanks to you for inspiring us in return!

melba said...

I just love that fabric book; it has amazing details.

The Paper Doll said...

Here's a greatbig link to a Fasturn retailer online. I hope you can find it in Austria, as it's a super helpful tool. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog!

HoBess said...

Congratulations on tying up loose ends ... no sewing pun intended I promise. I love finsishing something that has been nagging me awhile, so I know how good you're feeling right now ... and you're projects always are so beautiful.

And please remember how you're changing me, too! Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. Off to make macaroni and cheese for the boy ... who is on a chair trying to operate the microwave!