Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh the wild joys of living!

Today is International Women´s Day and I will celebrate it by thanking some amazing women.
I received a parcel from Laini yesterday, it was like a treasure chest full of wonderful surprises, I couldn´t believe that all these magical things were for me. You can see some of my favourite things much beauty!!!
Her generosity really touched me because I often feel frustrated that today´s world is greedy and money orientated but people I have met on this blog have proven that it´s not so. I am making friends, sharing, finding people who understand and it´s making my life colourful and joyous!
It is such an inspiration to see that someone is on a creative path, doing something that they love AND being successful at it.

And take a look at this wonderful pile of postcards I received last week! Melba is amazing, she is on a journey and has a plan, you must read through her blog to understand. I´m so glad to have found her.

Today I say THANKYOU to all the women I have found here, thankyou for letting me into your lives, for sharing your talents and wisdoms, for giving me hope and a positive outlook, for making me feel like I´m not alone. HAPPY WOMEN`S DAY!!!!!


iHanna said...

Happy day to you too, let's celebrate by getting something fun, enjoying life and create something extraordernery of this day! :-)

Take care, your goodies is AMAZING!

Connie and Rob said...

Just a lovely package...only to inspire a beautiful day.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

megg said...

Fabulous post! fabulous sentiment! I feel the same - this is all so filling and REAL isn't it?! *sigh* A happy day to you too my friend!!

HoBess said...

I had no idea it was Women's Day ... Happy Women's Day to you ... and thanks for sharing your inspirations and many creations with us!

I can just imagine you sorting through your packages like a little girl on her birthday, enjoy!

Laini said...

Hi Claudia! It was such a surprise to click onto your blog and see all my ladies peering back at me. Glad you like them! I also got a pack of Melba's cards in the mail recently and they're awesome. And can you believe the artful packaging she does?

I look forward to seeing a chicken applique pop up on something! Oh, I need to learn to sew!

Jamie said...

Happy Women's Day to you too, Claudia! I definitely celebrate this beautiful community of creative women. I love how all your goodies are a tangible sign of the connections you've made!

melba said...

Women are coming together in this amazing format to share, dream, believe....
I am so happy to be part of your celebrating this marvelous time in our lives.
Thank you for your kind words and continous support.